We call it...The Techno Code Robo Opulence..

This time in lieu of the once-upon-a-time solo Technex, we wish to give the discerning tech-savvy an ensemble of techno, management and coding festival. Therefore, coming your way is Technex -Codefest- Robo Opus combine. The game begins with a line of seemingly stalwart robos trying doggedly to cut each other down into fragments. And, maybe, reaches the final pitch at Code Warrior, a bid to crown THE computer technocrat, etc.
Why...have you too grown up figuring out how those contraptions are made!.... Looking for some sort of elucidation on the topic....well, you can expect as much from the Robo Opus team that has come up with a series of workshops that goes right from teaching how to design something as elementary as electronic sensors and circuits (along with overhead image processing and on-bot image processing techniques) and going on to train how MULTI-robo systems coordinate with each other.......... so... in a nutshell.. the cause here is to try to stir up the hitherto dormant-technical-prowess in you and try as, I assume, you
For the ‘avid learners-cum-aspiring HACKERS’, there would be a series of workshops plus competitions in Hacknex on Google hacking, scanning, Email hacking, DoS attacks, Worms, Viruses, Trojans, SQL Injection, Windows hacking, and as you’ll find out, pretty much anything. Learn all of this in a couple of days from the techno buffs and by the time it’s over you will stand a class apart. And yes, don’t flash a wry face (in case you are a beginner)........ go instead a charming-naive kiddo per se...
The glitzy facade of Technex, however, can only be seen in Robotrix (cascading the tracks with regalia of wireless, line tracking, sound operated robos) with the sort of face-offs quite convincingly rated the BEST of the events...
You also leverage the guest lectures of a line of distinguished international award holders... and the list sounds like....Dr. Lakshman Tamil (University of Texas), Dr. J V Narlikar, a Padma Vibhushan awardee, Dr. Rajendra Singh(Clemson University), Dr. Lalji Singh, a Molecular Biologist and Dr. Yash Pal, Indian scientist and educator- again a Padma Bhushan awardee....undoubtedly, it pays to hear people of their profile speak...


Technex'11 Successfuly Complete

Technex'11 was a huge success for our Intitute. The techfest closed on 6th March, 2011.
Wait for the next season i.e. TECHNEX 2012


About Us

On behalf of the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University as the host of this festival, it gives us great pleasure to introduce to you Technex, our Annual Technical Festival to be held from the 3rd to 6th March, 2011.

TECHNEX (TECHNical EXcellence) has its footsteps, dating back to 1939. Technex will bring together students from all over the country to participate in the celebration of knowledge and creative extravagance along with experts from the fields of both academia and industry.

It hosts various challenging events based on Software Development, Model Exhibition, Paper & Poster presentation, Astronomy, Robotics, general awareness and many more. With technological innovation scaling new heights, Technex promises to keep a tab on the advancements and stay in sync with the mood of the times.
With several new events introduced, and old ones remodeled, Technex '11 is all set to break new ground.


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